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Carton prices have risen four times in May 2018, and sellers have been hit hard by a cut in profits

After the May Day holiday in China, the market of paper products set off another boom in price - white board paper, corrugated paper, box board paper and so on.
It is know that at present the whole of China already has dozens of paper factory announced price increases, all kinds of paper increases in 100 yuan to 300 yuan per ton, Among them, the most popular high - weight corrugated paper, the national average price is more than 11% higher than the beginning of the year.
As is known to all, cartons are made of pulp, and the main raw materials of pulp are largely waste paper.
In early may, China's general administration of customs issued the general administration of customs on the import of American trash raw materials risk early warning notice of regulatory measures. As one of the pulp raw materials, waste paper, by the external waste policy tightening and other chain effects, so that the original supply and demand imbalance on the waste paper market more volatile.