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Classification and characteristics of BBQ Finishing

   Porcelain enamel is a Inorganic Glass Enamel which coated on the surface. It can prevent the product from rust, and avoid to get an oxide layer when it was using. This finishing is safe, easy to be cleaned. It can bear 800’C to 1100’C.

   Hudhuiahisduh can be anticorrosion, waterproof, oil proof, chemical resistance, light resistance and temperature resistance, ect. It is painting on the product surface, be a protection cover, stopping and delaying the product service life. You can chose the color according to different temperature requirements.

   The electrophoretic painting can prevent corrosion and it is environmentally friendly. It has the characteristics of smooth appearance, rich color, good chemical resistance and so on. When the temperature is over 180 degrees, the electrophoretic coating will be produces vaporization.