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Cleaning method of barbecue grill

Each time we need to clean the grid after using, because the residue of food will be remained on the grid. It's possible to get residue of the food again when you barbecue at second time, which makes it hard to take it off.
In fact, the most important thing is to clean the grid network
1. Preheat the grill, close the lid, and bake to approximately 260° to carbonize the food residue.
2. Wear insulated gloves, and use a long-handled cleaning brush to remove debris from the grill.
3. Use a paper towel to apply oil on the bbq Network. That is for maintain the grill.
4, Other parts of the grill: wipe the grill with warm water mixed detergent.

1. Do not clean the bbq grill with steel balls, it is a very time-consuming and laborious thing.
2. Please read the instructions before cleaning the grill. There may be have some prohibitions.
3. Charcoal ash should not stay in the grill for long time because it contains a small amount of moisture that can cause rust.