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How to Choose a Fire Pit

1. Fire Pit Size.
Small,fire pits range from 22 inches to 24 inches. They are good for partly enclosed barbecue,patio or deck area,camping holiday.
Medium,fire pits range in size from 30 to 36 inches,they can hold a generous amount of wood and generate good flames and heat.They are Suitable for medium and small yards.
Large,fire pits range in size from 40-45 inches in diameter.They are ideal for medium sized gardens or yard.

2. Wood-burning or Gas-powered
Wood Burning Fire Pits.It can barbecue, also have the real atmosphere of camping. You have to buy wood, use newspaper, firewood or firestarters to light fire. Wood produces a lot of smoke, but it gives you a real outdoor camping experience.

Gas-powered Fire Pits with fake lava rocks and logs included,and are coated with heat-resistant coating.The flames are real and are produced by the gas.Gas-powered fire pits are easier to start, they generate less smoke and are easier to clean.But they cost more,and you will have to refill or replace the gas bottle.

The type of fire pit coating is heat resistant,special powder coated finish and rust-resistant coating.The coating protects the fire pit from being damaged or corroded by rain, snow or hail.

4. Fire Pit Screen or Lid
Spark screen that protects you from scattered sparks or embers.The cover can protect you from using the fire pit for a long time .

5.Other functions
Some fire pits can barbecue cooking.Fire pit with fire hook can safely lift and replace the lid.For the smaller fire pits,some models have foldable legs and a carrying bag, which is good for taking the fire pit away on camping holidays.