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How to identify factories and trading companies

Nowadays, many trading companies call themselves factories to attract customers to cooperate with them. Therefore, the following points can help the procurement personnel to identify factories and trading companies.

1.Product Type single-minded
For example, we are producing BBQ grill, the information of the website is BBQ grill, so we can confirm this is a factory. But if the website shows various products, such as  BBQ tools set,BBQ mat, BBQ fan and many other types of barbecue accessories and different materials, which can be determine as a BBQ category trading company.

2.Price comparison.
The prices of entity manufacturers are certainly lower than those of traders.

3. Quote speed.
Factory quotes are fast. They are familiar with the product and are very clear about the cost of a product. When the trading company is not familiar with the situation, they needs to ask the source manufacturer's for help, so the quotation time will be extended.

4. Quality assurance
Entity manufacturers can offer replacement or refund or several years of warranty as an after-sales service guaranteed.

5. Field inspection
The trading company uses many various reason to stop you visiting their workshop. But for factory, take your time to have a look.